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Thommen Medical is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of dental implant systems. Thommen Medical develops, manufactures and sells high quality products to satisfy our customers' high standards for safety, esthetics and sophistication. Besides our Thommen Implant System, we also offer biomaterial solutions for bone and tissue regeneration. The Thommen Implant System is based on 30 years of clinical experience.

Thommen Medical world headquarters is located 
in Grenchen, Switzerland. The production of the Thommen Implant System takes place at the company's own manufacturing facility, also located in Grenchen. Today, Thommen Medical has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, United States and Canada. In other major markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Thommen Medical is represented by distribution partners.

Thommen Medical was founded in August 2001. It is currently a privately held company with two private investor groups and Novartis being the majority stockholders.

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