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Since 1981, Dental Trey has been operating in the Italian dental market and providing the best dental products to the region - from small instrument to complete practice facilities.

The dynamic and forward-thinking foundation of the company has led them to success. Dental Trey is a leader in service quality, organizational efficiency and overall assistance.

Professional training and information has always been a strong feature of the company. This has led Dental Trey to start an intensive collaboration with the scientific research community to meet the needs of clinicians with a high level of competence and sensibility.
Dental Trey is headquartered in Fiumana of Predappio, in the province of Forlì. The 50,000 sq. m. facility includes administrative offices, show-rooms, classrooms for courses, a dental clinic, convention center, guest house, warehouse, and sports facilities.

In May 2018, Dental Trey entered into a partnership with New Ancorvis. New Ancorvis is a dental milling center based in Bologna and is the official CAD/CAM partner for Thommen Medical in Italy. It uses innovative CAD/CAM technologies to manufacture precise, customized prosthetic restorations. Thanks to this partnership, there is a comprehensive range of prosthetic solutions and complementary services that meet the usual Thommen standard. 

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