Mr. Livio Marzo - new CEO of Thommen Medical AG, Grenchen

Thommen Medical's Board of Directors appointed Mr. Livio Marzo as the Chief Executive Officer of Thommen Medical AG. Mr. Marzo is a member of the founding group of Thommen Medical AG and is a long term professional in the dental industry. He made significant contributions to Thommen Medical's technology and implemented the transformation of the Thommen Medical group in recent years. Mr. Marzo also is an anchor investor of Thommen Medical. The Board of Directors is delighted that Mr. Livio Marzo accepted to assume the full management responsibility and is convinced that he and the Thommen Medical family will successfully shape the future of dental implantology.

As of the date of the general assembly the Board of Directors reorganized itself and appointed Mr. Erwin Locher Chairman of the Board. He acted as the interim CEO of the company since June 2013. As the Chairman of the Board he will continue to be involved in strategic and financial issues of the Company. Mr. Peter Braunwalder was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board. As additional members of the Board the general assembly elected Mr. Remo Inglin, Mr. Livio Marzo and Mrs. Ying Sheng. Mr. Gerard Moufflet who had served on the board for many years decided to focus on his many other activities. The Board of Directors thank Mr. Moufflet for the guidance and his contributions to the board of directors and wish him all the best.

Despite the volatile macroeconomic conditions following the revaluation of the Swiss Franc the company provided significantly improved financial results in 2015. Also this year, Thommen Medical makes good progress and participates successfully in the changing dental implant market. New products and an increased presence in the market are laying the groundwork for continued improvements.