AO Meeting in Orlando

This March, we are traveling to Orlando to be a part of the AO Annual Meeting once again. However, this time will be special for us as we are thrilled to have the renowned clinician, Dr. Ueli Grunder, speaking at our corporate forum.

On March 16th, Dr. Grunder will be presenting “AESTHETICS WITH IMPLANTS: KEY FACTORS FOR SUCCESS.”

With implant cases that demand high aesthetics, an excellent result is dependent on the cooperation of the different disciplines involved. One key factor for success is being aware of the prosthetic possibilities while performing surgical procedures, since most of the deviation from the ideal procedure cannot be corrected at a later point. It may be difficult to select the ideal surgical method that can offer the best aesthetic result in each particular case. For each method, the biological limitations, advantages and risks must be taken into account. One of the important first factors to consider in achieving the ideal result is the choice of dental implant. An ideal implant design can make it much easier for the clinician to achieve excellent aesthetics.

Details for the presentation are as follows:
2017 AO Annual Meeting
Thurs., March 16th
8:00 am-9:45 am

We look forward to seeing you there!