Prestigious dental implant specialists investigate clinical questions of Thommen Medical implants

Recent publication by Maurizio S. Tonetti, Pierpaolo Cortellini, Filippo Graziani, Francesco Cairo, Niklaus P. Lang, Roberto Abundo, Gian Paolo Conforti, Siegfried Marquardt, Giulio Rasperini, Maurizio Silvestri, Beat Wallkamm and Anton Wetzel in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology with the title: Immediate versus delayed implant placement after anterior single tooth extraction: the timing, randomized controlled clinical trial

A recent study explores the advantages of immediate versus delayed implant placement after single tooth extraction. The study was a multicenter, multinational study in a randomized, controlled, parallel arm, single blind setting with 124 patients observed over 3 years. The study was designed to compare the clinical, radiographic and patient reported outcomes. THOMMEN SPI CONTACT implants of different lengths and diameters were placed either immediately after extraction or after 12-week healing of the extraction socket. The primary result sought from the study was to compare the need for bone augmentation at the time of implant installation in the test and control groups. Secondary results that were sought included: (i) comparison of frequencies of implant survival; (ii) comparison of surgical complications including changes in local soft and hard tissue parameters, such as plaque scores, bleeding on probing, probing attachment levels, probing pocket depths, width of keratinized mucosa and radiographic bone level; (iii) comparison of implant aesthetic scores using the modified pink and white esthetic scores; and (iv) comparison of patient experience with the surgical procedures, satisfaction with the results and impact on oral health and quality of life.

J Clin Periodontol 2017; 44: 215–224. doi: 10. 1111/jcpe.12666.