Publications - Thommen Implant System

Below you will find the current publication list (pdf) relating to the Thommen Implant System. Should you have further questions about any publication or would you like to receive a reprint, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

  • Trombelli L, Severi M, Pramstraller M, Farina R.
    A Simplified Soft Tissue Management for Peri-implant Bone Augmentation
    The Internal Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, February 2019, Vol 34, Issue 1, pp 197-204

  • Korn. P, Kramer. F, Schlottig. F, Tödtmann. N, Eckelt. U, Bürki. A, Ferguson. S.J, Kautz. A, Schnabelrauch. M, Range. U, Kneissel. M, Stadlinger. B
    Systemic sclerostin antibody treatment increases osseointegration and biomechanical
    Europian Cells and Materials Vol. 37 2019 (pages 333-346)

  • Dr. Thomas Spielau, Dr. Uli Hauschild, Dr. Joannis Katsoulis
    Computer-assisted, template-guided immediate implant placement and loading in the mandible: a case report
    BMC Oral Health