hyaDENT / hyaDENT BG

The natural promoter of regeneration

hyaDENT and hyaDENT BG present hyaluronic acid-based treatment solutions with a non-animal origin optimized for regenerative dental and periodontal applications.


is a highly concentrated natural hyaluronic acid-gel (14 mg/ml) and is characterized by a fast degradation pattern (a few hours). It is delivered “ready-to-use” in a TopPac® syringe.

hyaDENT has the following effects:
  • Speeding up of wound healing after surgical procedures
  • Supplementing and improvement of periodontal treatments
  • Reduction of scar tissue formation

is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel based on a mixture of a cross-linked HA (16 mg/ml) and a natural HA (2 mg/ml). It is characterized by a slow degradation pattern (several weeks). hyaDENT BG is delivered in a cylindric ampula.

hyaDENT BG has the following effects:
  • Shielding of the wound area from penetration of bacteria and connective tissue
  • Supplementing and improvement of periodontal treatments
  • Acceleration of tissue healing