For the busy dental practice...

The person responsible for protection against infection must have a license to practice dentistry, but this person can delegate individual hygiene measures. 

There is a multitude of regulations to help you implement these hygiene measures successfully (e.g. ISO 17664, RKI [Robert Koch Institute] guidelines, DAHZ [German Work Group for Hygiene in Dentistry] hygiene guidelines, etc.), but these directions are not yet 100% applicable to used instruments.

We have therefore developed suitable reprocessing procedures, which have been tested for their efficacy by an external institute, for our multiple use instruments and prosthetic components.

The Thommen surgical cassette plays a pivotal role in the efficient reprocessing of instruments and prosthetic components for multiple use because at one and the same time it is:
a wash tray for mechanical cleaning, a container for sterilization and it facilitates the clear sorting of your operating instruments.

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The procedures defined in the Thommen reprocessing brochure ("Reprocessing")* are the applicable, validated processes…

*All other cleaning and sterilization instructions from Thommen Medical for reusable instruments are not valid.