SPI®EASY Abutments

EASY Abutments allow for the simple, time-saving fabrication of single crowns or bridges in esthetically demanding areas. The EASY Abutment line impresses with its range of collar and cone heights and its different angled geometries.

The prosthetics line provides a good range of tertiary parts (impression coping, temporary cap, etc.), which permit an efficient restoration at the abutment level. EASY Abutments can be shortened and the collar region can be milled in order to ensure the optimum basis for an esthetic setting of the crown/bridge. However, if the EASY Abutment has been milled, casting an impression and a temporary restoration at the implant level is necessary.

EASY Abutments
EASY Abutment 20°
Advantages of EASY Abutments at a glance
  • Easy fabrication of single-tooth and bridge restorations
  • Straight or angled abutments in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Versions with “emergence profile“ (e.p.) for the design of an esthetically pleasing crown emergence profile
  • Prefabricated accessory components for efficient chairside provision
  • Modification of the abutments is possible