Guided Drill Sequence for Drill Ø 2.0, 2.8, 3.5 mm

Steco-System-Technik (Hamburg, Germany) with Thommen Medical AG offers the StecoGuide double sleeve as an alternative solution for the Fully Guided Surgery system for Thommen Implants.

The StecoGuide double sleeve system has been adapted to the design of the Thommen VECTOdrill and now enables sequential guided drilling of the most important drilling sequences. The system consists of an outer sleeve and two inner sleeves that can be perfectly integrated into the existing drill protocol. Depth control is carried out manually by means of the laser marking of the VECTOdrill. The blue StecoGuide sleeves for Thommen Implants are currently integrated into common planning systems (e.g. 3Shape Implant Studio, Swissmeda SMOP).

The StecoGuide double sleeve system for Thommen Medical

  • StecoGuide double sleeve system for VECTOdrillTM twist drills stainless steel
  • Guided drill sequence up to VECTOdrillTM twist drill Ø 3,5 mm
  • Flexible placement of the sleeve (offset)
  • Depth control via lasermarking
  • Certified for the following planning systems: 3Shape Implant Studio, Swissmeda SMOP



StecoGuide double sleeves are known as a manufacturer independent universal drill guide system. The StecoGuide sleeves for the Thommen Medical VECTOdrillTM instruments are directly available via Steco:

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