Zest® LOCATOR® system

Restoration with the Zest® LOCATOR® attachment (abutment plus titanium cap) provides a cost-effective attachment of partial and/or total prostheses on two or more implants. The retention strengths are individually adjustable with the male replacements in the locator and can also be used to compensate axial divergences. The low structural height also makes a restoration possible in restricted interocclusal conditions.


Zest® LOCATOR® abutment with housing (right side)
Zest® LOCATOR® is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors Inc., CA, USA.
Advantages of the Zest® LOCATOR® System at a glance
  • Cost-efficient restoration in toothless jaws or ones with few teeth
  • Adjustable retention strength and patient-friendly prosthetic centering system
  • Divergence up to 40° between two implants
  • Lowest vertical height