Prosthetic solutions

A multiplicity of options

All Thommen prosthetic components are compatible with all Thommen implant designs and sizes – they share the exact same implant-abutment connection.

In principle, the prosthetics in the Thommen System can provide you with every solution for the targeted shaping of soft tissue, impression casting, temporary restoration and all forms of definitive prosthetic restoration.

Conventionally manufactured restorations are complemented by CAD/CAM solutions for the Thommen implant system.


  • Cemented restorations
    • EASY Abutment
    • ART Abutment
    • Titanium base CAD/CAM
    • VARIOflex Abutment
    • Milling abutment for CAD/CAM type II
    • EASY Abutment
    • ART Abutment
    • Titanbasis
    • VARIOflex Bild
    • Bild Fräsabutment Übersicht
  • Hybrid restoration
    • Retentive anchor
    • Bar Abutment
    • Milling Abutment
    • Zest LOCATOR®
    • Milling Abutment for CAD/CAM type II
    • Novaloc® Retentive System
    • RETAIN
    • Stegabutment
    • Fräsabutment
    • Zest® LOCATOR®
    • Bild Fräsabutment Übersicht
    • Novaloc 2