SPI®ART abutments

ART Abutments are made from a high-quality zirconia and are designed specifically for use in all-ceramic restorations. The natural translucency of zirconia, and the absence of a metal structure, makes for exceptionally esthetic restorations.
ART abutments are available in two basic designs, which provide an optimal combination of ease-of-use and customizing options to suit the exact conditions of the patient:

• ART Abutment: compatible with prefabricated SPI®EASY Abutment components for impression taking and temporary restoration for efficient restoration with ART Abutments.
• ART Grinding Abutment: provides a greater volume of material for creating fully customized abutments.

ART Grinding Abutment
ART Abutment
Advantages of ART Abutments at a glance
  • Highly precise and fully customizable
  • Natural translucency with no metallic appearance
  • Biocompatible and resistant to plaque
  • Highest degree of precision and dependable mechanical strength
  • Two designs for optimum flexibility
  • Compatible with EASY system components