SPI®VARIO Abutments 17°

The 17° angled VARIO abutments are ideally suited for occlusal screw-retained single or multiple unit restorations where implants have been placed with pronounced angulation to the planned prosthetics. The abutments are available with two different rotational orientations of the cone with respect to the hexagon to allow optimal alignment of the abutment. The prefabricated gold alloy screw seat ensures a precise connection between the finished crown or bridge and abutment.

VARIO Abutment 17° and occlusal screw seat

The 17° angled VARIO Abutment set contains:

• 1x VARIO Abutment 17°
• 1x VARIO screw seat
• 1x Abutment screw
• 1x Occlusal screw

Advantages of VARIO Abutments 17° at a glance
  • Axial angulation of up to 17° can be managed
  • Two abutment versions for an exact alignment
  • Prefabricated gold alloy screw seat for optimal precision
  • Can be combined with existing VARIO Abutments for bridge