Small diameter implants

A smaller implant for security in a tight spot

Occasionally, small diameter implants are necessary for certain indications where patients have narrow interdental spaces, congenital missing lateral incisors or small alveolar ridges.

Thommen offers the ideal solution for such situations* in the platform 3.5 mm implant, available in both the ELEMENT and CONTACT styles.

* For indications and contra indications regarding small diameter implants, please see the relevant instruction for use.
ELEMENT implant
Platform diameter 3,5 mm
Core diameter 2,8 mm

More information about ELEMENT implants
CONTACT implant
Platform diameter 3,5 mm
Core diameter 2,0 mm

More information about CONTACT implants

The superhydrophilic surface INICELL® provides increased stability in the early healing phase.

Diameter 3.5 mm platform implants
Contraindications for the use of SPI®ELEMENT implants Ø 3.5 mm: Applications in areas where implants are subjected to large bending moments (e. g. use of single-implants for the restoration of canines). Please read the indications for use.