MIGHTY SMALL. FAIL-SAFE-ENGINEERING in the design and in the application

Replacing the lateral incisors in the maxilla or the central and lateral incisors in the mandible is a challenge due to limited space.

Thommen Medical now offers a solution to this problem with the development of the implant system 3.0. The Thommen 3.0 implant system comprises the diameter-reduced implant ELEMENT PF 3.0, the VARIOunite abutment PF 3.0 (used as temporary filling or final restoration) and the associated instruments. The apical diameter of the ELEMENT PF 3.0 is also narrow in design:

*Please see the corresponding “instructions for use” for indications, clinical uses and general contraindications for the Thommen 3.0 implant system.

The ELEMENT PF 3.0 features the proven design elements of other Thommen Medical implants: the reliable abutment screw, the proven implant material pure titanium, the unique implant surface INICELL®, the machined collar, the self-tapping implant thread and the simple surgical protocol.

The reliable abutment screw
The machined collar
Surgical protocol step 1
Surgical protocol step 2