The conical-cylindrical implant for extraction sockets and specific anatomical situations

The tapered endosseous profile of the CONTACT implant expands toward the crest of the jawbone, fitting and supporting the contour of the alveolar ridge in extraction sockets. By allowing for the selection of a larger platform diameter, the CONTACT implant offers improved stability when the site is narrow due to special anatomical considerations, such as a narrow ridge and/or converging roots.

Two different collar heights make indication-specific soft tissue management possible:

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Bone level
MC = Minimized Collar
RC = Regular Collar
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The CONTACT MC features a minimized collar height of 0.5 mm,  and extended endosseous surface for optimal osseointegration. It is specifically indicated for clinical cases requiring implant placement at the bone crest, and achieves excellent esthetics, especially in the anterior region.

The CONTACT RC with a regular collar height of 1.5 mm. In most cases, it allows for adequate distance between the implant shoulder and bone to allow for biological structures to be respected. Naturally esthetic results can easily be achieved.

CONTACT MC and RC implants in five different platform diameters
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