The parallel walled universal implant

The ELEMENT is Thommen Medical's most widely used implant style as it unites a simple drill protocol with the corresponding flexibility of a parallel-walled implant: intraoperative adjustments in the vertical position as well as adjustments to the local bone quality are possible at any time without making complicated changes to the drill protocol.

The three different collar heights not only make optimum soft tissue management possible, but also make the implementation of differentiated treatment protocols easier:

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Bone level
MC = Minimized Collar
RC = Regular Collar
LC = Long Collar
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The ELEMENT MC features a minimized collar height of 0.5 mm,  and extended endosseous surface for optimal osseointegration. It is specifically indicated for clinical cases requiring implant placement at the bone crest, and achieves excellent esthetics, especially in the anterior region.

The ELEMENT RC, Thommen’s standard implant, has a regular collar height of 1.0 mm. It allows for adequate distance between the implant shoulder and bone to allow for biological structures to be respected. Naturally esthetic results can easily be achieved.

The ELEMENT LC is specially indicated for cases involving hybrid-prosthetic restorations. It features a long collar height of 2.5 mm for a supracrestal shoulder, which is ideal for supragingival indications.

ELEMENT MC and RC implants in five platform diameters
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