Optimized Osseointegration

First step of the osseointegration process

Surface energy and hydrophilicity play a crucial role in the primary interaction of an implant with its physiological environment.1

This interaction begins immediately upon the first blood contact, in the form of rapid adsorption of a film of plasma proteins.

INICELL® (right) exhibits a complete and homogenous protein film, indicating full contact with the physiological protein solution. The unconditioned surface (left) shows a nonhomgenous protein film. The result suggests advantageous primary contact and protein adsorption for INICELL®.2

Left picture: unconditioned surface
Right picture: conditioned surface

Fluorescence microscopic picture of the protein film on model substrates five minutes after primary contact with protein solution.

The quantity, composition, homogenity and functionality of the protein film deposited on the implant surface directly influences the healing and osseointegration processes to follow.

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