Gingival former

Standard gingival former

Gingival formers made of titanium are available in various collar heights. The standard gingival formers are a cost-efficient solution for shaping soft tissue.

Customizable gingival former

Each size of the customizable gingival former is contoured to resemble the anatomy of the natural dentition in that position. Due to the prefabricated anatomical design, the emergence profile of the tissue is optimally shaped during the healing phase. At the same time it serves as a temporary restoration.

The customizable gingival former is made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a tooth-colored material which allows for simple removal and addition of plastic material.

As this gingival former is screw-retained, a simple revision in correspondence with the desired soft tissue profile can be carried out easily and at any time.

Customizable gingival former
Advantages at a glance
  • Anatomically shaped for esthetic soft tissue healing
  • PMMA-based tooth colored material
  • Simple modification by reduction or addition
  • Chairside adjustments are fast and convenient
  • Titanium base ensures a precise, stable connection
  • Available for all platforms, for single-tooth restorations

The screw for pattern fabrication, which serves as a place holder for the screw channel, is obtainable separately.