Soft tissue management

"Emergence profile" from implant collar

The machined collar of Thommen implants is the principle: the bone lying below is protected by the attachment of the soft tissue to the machined collar: remodeling processes during the healing phase and after a prosthetic restoration remain controllable, and esthetic results are easier to plan.

Through the skilful selection of the implant collar length in combination with suitable vertical positioning of the implant, in some cases the soft tissue conditioning can be defined virtually by the surgeon's work alone. This potentially also reduces the number of prosthetic components necessary and reduces the number of treatment sessions.

For conventional soft tissue conditioning with gingival formers standardized gingival formers in different heights and a customizable gingival former are available. Soft tissue modeling is also possible with the assistance of temporary abutments.

The area of the implant-abutment can be controlled by selecting a suitable implant collar height.  Paired with the collar height of the chosen abutment, it then becomes easy to plan for the intricacies of the prosthetic restoration, such as factors relating to cement or screw retained restorations.