Titanium Base for CAD/CAM

The Titanium Base for CAD/CAM makes it possible to produce custom ceramic abutments on Thommen Implants. Optimal anatomical crown contours and highly esthetic coloring in the collar area can be achieved through the use of the Titanium Base and a custom zirconia superstructure. Restorations can be manufactured for both screw and cement-retained restorations. The Titanium Base for single tooth restorations features an internal hexagonal connection, while the Titanium Base for bridge has no antirotation implant connection geometry.

Individual CAD/CAM libraries and data libraries of the Titanium Base and its components are available for open-source CAD software packages.

Titanium Base with hexagon for CAD/CAM
Titanium Base bridge for CAD/CAM
Advantages of the Titanium Base for CAD/CAM at a glance
  • Individualized emergence profile with an optimal anatomical shape
  • Tooth-coloured abutments allow for supragingival abutment-crown transitions
  • Direct bonding possible for screw-retained bridge restorations
  • Compatible with a wide range of CAD/CAM systems