SPI®VARIO Abutments

VARIO Abutments are used for the fabrication of occlusal screw-retained restorations. Restorative options include single crowns, custom abutments, and multi-unit bridge restorations. They consist of a nonoxidizing cast-on alloy base and a plastic cylinder that forms the screw channel. The plastic cylinder will be incorporated into the pattern and leave no residues after burn-out. The minimal height of VARIO Abutments provide restorative flexibility, especially in limited spaces. The plastic cylinder is easy to shorten to the desired height, which guarantees precise, simple, and rapid pattern fabrication.

VARIO gold Abutment 
for crowns
VARIO gold Abutment for bridges
Advantages of VARIO Abutments at a glance
  • Prefabricated connection geometry and screw seat made of (nonoxidizing) high gold content alloy
  • Option of fabricating custom-made abutments
  • Direct connection to the implant, no intermediary parts needed
  • Minimal height provides restorative flexibility, even with limited occlusal space
  • Available with hexagon connection for crowns or cone connection for bridges