SPI®VARIOmulti Abutments

VARIOmulti Abutments offer the perfect solution for the fabrication of implant supported multi-unit, occlusal screw-retained bridge restorations. VARIOmulti accessory components include the impression cap, occlusal screw, protective cap, temporary crown, and gold crown. The VARIOmulti line has a uniform connection diameter of 4.8 mm diameter, therefore it is not compatible with other Thommen Implant System prosthetics.
CAD/CAM procedures with VARIOmulti Abutments: The VARIOmulti prosthetic line may be used with Nobel Biocare’s Procera® implant bridge titanium to fabricate multi-unit, occlusal screw-retained titanium frameworks.

VARIOmulti Abutment
VARIOmulti Abutment, angled 17°
VARIOmulti Abutment, angled 30°
Advantages of VARIOmulti Abutments at a glance
  • Angled abutments expand restoration options
  • Minimum number of components due to the universal Ø 4.8 mm connection geometry
  • Prosthetic compensation for axial divergence of up to 40°
  • Compatible with SPI®MONO instruments
  • CAD/CAM framework compliant due to universal abutment design