Titanium Base for Sirona

Are you already working successfully with the Cerec® System? Then you can simply use the titanium base for Sirona to fabricate your tooth-colored individual abutments independently of an outside laboratory.

The titanium base for Sirona has a slightly different geometry in comparison with the Thommen titanium base for CAD/CAM, but the processes remain the same for you - no matter whether you use it chairside or inlab: you can order scan bodies and inCoris ZI meso S ceramic blocks from Sirona, mill the abutment for an individual restoration or as a two-part abutment for cemented bridge restoration, finish it and attach it securely with a Thommen abutment screw.

Advantages of the Titanium Base for Sirona at a glance
  • Reduce time and costs in the milling process with CEREC MC X and CEREC/inLab MC XL milling machines
  • Usual scanning and finishing processes
  • Tooth-colored individual abutments for crowns and cemented bridge restorations made from zirconium oxide ceramic

Regarding the integration of the Titanium Base for SIRONA in CEREC® please contact the local agency of SIRONA.

The Titanium Base for Sirona is not in each country available.