CAD/CAM restorations

Individualized prosthetic restorations can be created for Thommen Implants utilizing a variety of CAD/CAM systems. Depending on which digital processes are important to the clinician, the laboratory can assist in supporting the digital workflow of the practice.
You can select the Thommen recommended CAD/CAM system from which you would like to manufacture your Thommen prosthetic. Our authorized partners cover a wide range of CAD/CAM software packages.

Full design services are available that offer plaster and plastic models created digitally from the STL-dataset of the chosen intraoral scanner.
You decide where you need support in your digital workflow. Authorized third-party partners and CAD/CAM systems allow for the choice and flexibility to utilize the latest technologies in your daily practice.

Our authorized CAD/CAM partners use original Thommen components, whenever possible. This guarantees perfect material pairings and a precise fit in accordance with Thommen standards.

Demand the original!

We recommend using Thommen Medical original components for all digital workflows. Using original components will guarantee perfect material pairings and precise fit. These are fundamental requirements for reliable function and the processing of any claims made under guarantee.

Most importantly, it is in the best interest of the patient.