Milling abutment for CAD/CAM type II

The milling abutment for CAD/CAM type II is used to produce individualized titanium abutments. The milled abutment for cone and telescope construction and parallelized abutment for cemented bridge constructions can also be used.

The milled abutment for CAD/CAM type II is machined in the Original Medentika® PreFace Abutment Holder in a suitable milling system. PreFace Abutment Holders can be ordered directly from the milling  machine manufacturer. You can also obtain information on the use of the Medentika® PreFace Abutment Holder from your milling machine manufacturer.

Compatible milling machines:

  • Datron D5®
  • Dental Concept DC1/DC5®
  • imes-icore®
  • MB Maschinen Cobra Mill®
  • Primacon PFM 24 mediMill®
  • R+K®
  • Röders RXD®
  • VHF®
  • Wissner Gamma 202®
Milled abutment for CAD/CAM type II
Advantages of the milling abutment for CAD/CAM type II at a glance
  • In-house production – reducing production steps and providing cost savings.
  • Original product manufactured by Thommen Medical – the quality and precision of the Thommen Medical implant connection is maintained for individualized abutments.
  • Efficient production – Serial machining of 6 blanks is possible in one setup.