VARIOtemp Abutments

The VARIOtemp abutment addresses the variety of clinical requirements with a single abutment type and offers greater flexibility in the choice and design of temporary dental restorations.

The VARIOtemp abutment can be used for temporary single-tooth or bridge restorations. Thanks to the slim and solid design, this abutment is suitable for both posterior and esthetically challenging anterior areas.

The CAD/CAM-suitable abutments can be adjusted to the clinical situation. The CAD library offers a selection of various cylinder heights with just one abutment in the digital production process. The abutments provide support for both long and tall superstructures, as well as for deeply placed implants.

CAD libraries are available for the VARIOtemp abutment. Detailed information can be found in the corresponding instructions for use.

This abutment replaces the TEMPORARY abutment. 

  • Digitally applicable
  • Prosthetic diversity with a single design
  • Allows high superstructures
  • Individually modifiable