System benefits for dental technicians

Superior design freedom with the world’s narrowest screw head

Thommen Medical's implant-abutment connection is the result of sophisticated engineering and vast experience. The system’s design attributes offer a solid foundation with unparalleled flexibility to make esthetic restorations possible, even in unfavorable situations.

The Thommen Implant System offers a variety of restoration options. The partnerships we have established allow you to create superior results with the latest technologies

An overview offers the list of the authorized partners and CAD/CAM library on CAD/CAM restorations with the Thommen Titanium Base.

Advantages at a glance

• Small abutment screw and narrow access channel
  - Stronger restoration and optimal occlusal contact pattern
  - Easier to implement material-specific requirements
• Butt joint implant interface helps to avoid vertical transmission errors during the entire workflow
• Internal hexagon and stabilization ring creates rotational stability and accurate impression transfer,
   resulting in a strong, precise implant-abutment connection
• Minimal platform height ensures optimal prosthetic flexibility
• The same, minimal set of instruments for Clinicians and Dental Technicians
• Abutment options include stock, CAD/CAM and hybrid solutions
• Available with a variety of open-platform CAD/CAM partners, as well as chairside solutions
• Can accommodate up to 40° divergences with standard components, or with an angled screw channel