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Our quality promise

Our quality promise

Swiss precision for the highest standards

As a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices for dental implantology, safety is the top priority for Thommen Medical. Therefore, we only offer products that are of the highest quality.

To guarantee this high level of quality, every product undergoes extensive tests and inspections using both internal and external processes. Thommen Medical is certified per:

• EN ISO 13485:2016

• Medical Device Single Audit Program

• Directive 93/42/EEC Appendix II.3

Thommen Medical is authorized to apply the corresponding CE label to all products. This guarantees that all Thommen products meet the high statutory requirements imposed on medical devices.

Thommen products are manufactured in our own Swiss production facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. We take great care to select partners with whom we can build strong relationships and who meet or exceed the strict quality requirements imposed on manufacturers of medical products. We regularly perform audits to assure ourselves of our suppliers’ product/service quality and to ensure transparency in quality assurance.

Thommen Medical also maintains the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our operations including: research and development, procurement of raw materials, fabrication, and storage, product shipment, field sales consultants and customer service. This also includes regular training and the professional development of all of our staff.


EC-Certificate 93/42/EEC by SQS

EN ISO 13485 Certificate by SQS

ISO 13485 Certificate by DQS (MDSAP)


«It's all about the striking fit!»

Prof. M. Hürzeler, Munich

The ingenious internal connection

our elegant internal connection offers a dual approach for unparalleled strength. on one hand, the unique stabilization ring on the implant shoulder ensures optimum mechanical stability, while on the other the optimal dimensions of the internal hexagon preserves the thickness of the implant wall. The combination of both elements in our implantabutment connection lets you anchor a variety of prosthetic solutions to this unique and precise connection geometry.

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The smallest Abutment Screw

Due to the strength and stability of our implant-abutment connection, a much narrower abutment screw can be used. This results in thicker abutment walls with increased strength, more freedom for customization and a smaller occlusal opening for improved esthetics.

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The perfect Implant

The Thommen implant system meets the demanding requirements of today’s clinician in every respect – it is very easy to use, extremely precise and offers superb performance in an esthetic restoration, guaranteeing excellent clinical results. With all of its rich features, the implant-abutment connection by Thommen Medical is the basis for the most reliable and highly esthetic restorations.

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Our essentioal Instruments

The sPi®VecTodrill™ burs allow guided and safe drilling. The design of the tip ensures the drill’s position and direction from the outset. The automatic axial guidance prevents the drill from slipping and makes it possible to create a precisely shaped implant bed. The sPi Mono torque ratchet is made from a single piece of titanium and is designed for both surgical and prosthetic use. With this simplicity of design, the Mono torque ratchet also saves care and maintenance time, because it does not have to be taken.

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