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Thommen Medical is pleased to collaborate with Levin Group to provide you with educational materials and activities to enhance your practice. The Implant Practice Performance Program  is complimentary and is exclusively available to you through Thommen and the Levin Group.

The Implant Practice Performance Program is a series of Newsletters, Whitepapers, Short Videos, Daily Surgical Tips and Webinars that will provide valuable insights for implant practice success, especially in the COVID-19 era.

The Levin Group is a leading practice management and marketing consulting firm lead by Roger Levin, DDS. Founded in 1985, the Levin Group has counseled over 30,000 practices and guided hundreds of practice owners though strategic planning, coaching and practice analysis programs.

About Levin Group


The Implant Practice Success Report

A monthly newsletter focusing on the three key areas of implant practice success: management systems, marketing strategies and team development.

Issue #1: Three Things to Know About Today’s Implant Treatment Coordinator, Nine Steps for Creating a Powerfully Effective Implant Treatment Coordinator

Issue #2: Are Patients Aware of Dental Implants, Building the Aligned Team

Issue #3: Creating Exceptional Value for the Implant Patient, The Science of Referral Marketing

Issue #4: The Implant Ballet, How Well Do You Know Your Referring Doctors?

Issue #5: The 7-Day Scheduling Rule, The Quantity Factor

Issue #6: Understanding Inter-Disciplinary Dentistry, The Power of Live Touch

Issue #7: How to Hit Your Implant Goal, Build Your Marketing Program to Hit the Implant Goal

Issue #8: Think Of Your Patient As An Egg, Meeting with Your PRC

Issue #9: The Journey from Chaos to Systems, The Best Way to Build Relationships with Referring Doctors

Issue #10: Lather, Rinse, Repeat, How To Reactivate a Former Referring Doctor

Issue #11: The Specialty Practice Staffing Shortage, Make Sure You Get There First

Issue #12: Build a Culture Around Customer Service, Is Your Team Burning Out?

Issue #13: How To Build The Right Team, A Very Powerful Marketing Message

Issue #14: Dealing With an Unhappy Doctor

Issue #15: Building Confidence in the Implant Practice

Issue #16: How Good is Your Management?

Issue #17: A Few Very Simple (but powerful) Marketing Ideas

Issue #18: Scheduling The Implant Patient

Issue #19: Is Your Team Accountable?

Issue #20: Are You Ready to Sell Your Practice?

Issue #21: Do You Have a Great Surgical Practice?

Issue #22: How Does Your Team Really See You?

Issue #23: Is Your Bous System Working?

Issue #24: How Do You Handle the Unhappy Patient?

Issue #25: Why is your overhead rising?

Issue #26: How Do the Top 10% Surgical Practices Keep Their Team in Place?

Issue #27: You Can’t Cut Your Way to Success

A monthly whitepaper on an important implant practice management topic.

The Next Normal – Building the Implant Practice in the Post-COVID-19 Era

A series of short, highly focused video segments, easy to watch and share with your team to help guide you through the process of building a strong, recession-proof implant practice.

Essential Questions-Practical Answers

A series of webinars hosted by Roger Levin to provide valuable insights for implant practice success.

The Surgical Practice Production Tip of the Day 

A daily email, short and to-the-point, arriving ahead of your morning huddle and containing one single idea for you and your team to, in 30 seconds or less, improve practice performance that day.

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