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Did you know that the performance of our superhydrophilic INICELL® surface has been evaluated in a recent meta-analysis?
Dr. Arkadiusz Makowiecki and colleagues evaluated 20 publications and more than 2900 implants to compare superhydrophilic surface implants from Thommen Medical with those of a competitor. The data revealed significantly lower rates of implant loss and biologic complications with our INICELL® surface.

This analysis demonstrates the high survival rate and good biologic compatibility obtained with our INICELL® implant surface.
Make sure to open our newest infographic to explore the full publication summary

Infographic of the Study


The clinical case we would like to show you today was performed by Prof. Leonardo Trombelli. He used the SPAL technique together with a bovine-derived bone block for a peri-implant bone augmentation procedure in a patient with an edentulous area in the left posterior mandible. Take a look at our new case poster to see how the technique together with the placement of SPI®ELEMENT RC implants resulted in adequate peri-implant tissue conditions

Infographic of the Case

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