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Clinical Evidence – News

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In 2020, a team led by Dr. Mauro Merli published the results of a 10-year randomized clinical trial comparing the outcomes of immediate versus early loading with Thommen Medical implants.
The results demonstrated no statistically significant difference between the two groups, with equally stable bone levels, low failure rates, and high esthetic scores.

The study shows that good clinical results can be achieved and maintained over 10 years with Thommen Medical implants, independent of immediate or early loading. Check out our latest infographic to see the full summary of this study!

Infographic of the Study


Today's case highlights the clinical incredible results that can be achieved with SPI®CONTACT RC INICELL® implants, even in the most challenging of cases. Dr. Fangmann utilized digital planning to optimally rehabilitate a patient, who presented with significant vestibular bone loss around three competitor implants.

Explore our latest case poster to get inspired by the treatment strategy and the results.

Infographic of the Case

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