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Clinical Evidence

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Clinical Study: High Survival Rates With SPI®ELEMENT RC Implants - We from Thommen Medical have a broad collection of clinical studies that were performed with our implant system. The study we present today has been published by Dr. Olivier Le Gac and Dr. Ueli Grunder in 2015. It retrospectively evaluated the clinical performance of over 2900 SPI® ELEMENT RC implants and demonstrated 99% overall cumulative survival. Moreover, a significantly higher early survival rate was found with our superhydrophilic INICELL® surface compared to unconditioned implants (p < 0.01).

Full infographic of the Study


Clinical Case: Fully Guided Surgery - The clinical case we share today was performed by Dr. Stijn Kregting. He used fully guided implant surgery to treat a patient who was missing premolars 24 and 25. The implantation was followed by subepithelial tissue grafting and immediate restoration. Open the short case summary to see the outcome four months after the initial surgery.

Full infographic of the Case

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