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The INTEGUARD® Matrix - Did you know?

Biologically improved wettability leads to a homogenous adsorption of proteins on the implant surface. This leads to more activated thrombocytes and a homogenous, thicker blood clot network in the early stages of wound healing. On the molecular level, MMPs, BMP-2 and VEGF are present in higher concentrations on the INICELL® surface, accelerating the osseointegration process. After 14 days, the INICELL® surface shows 40% more buccal bone-to-implant contact (BIC), in contrast to unconditioned surfaces. 

When compared to alternative hydrophilic implants, clinically lower loss rates result with INICELL®: Makowiecki et al. BMC Oral Health (2019) 19:79,

Please click here to learn more about the MULTIGUARD Protection Solution and its three pillars: INTEGUARD® Matrix, EVERGUARD® Connection and TISSUEGUARD® Collar.


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