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The TISSUEGUARD® Collar – Did you know?

The machined collar promotes stable soft tissue adaptation and easier hygiene maintenance.

Stable soft tissue adaptation is formed around the machined collar. The straight design of the collar facilitates hygienic maintenance due to good accessibility and visibility. Since the immunologic defense takes place in the soft tissue in the event of inflammation, it is important to manage this safety zone properly over time. The collar acts like a safety belt and enables an easier cleaning.

The machined surface of the collar is optimal for soft tissue and is cleansable, which improves hygienic maintenance to reduce the risk of biologic complications including peri-implantitis. It is of great benefit over the entire life of the implant that the prosthetic platform is within the soft tissue since the collar and the adjacent soft tissue form a safety zone above the bone.

When designing the implant-abutment connection, we dedicated special attention to the interface. From a biological point of view, any bacterial colonization is highly undesirable, which is why the interface is manufactured as smooth and precise as possible. The collar-abutment design supports the patient’s daily maintenance as well as probing and scaling upon hygiene visits.

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