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The headquarters of Thommen Medical is located in Grenchen, Switzerland. Thommen Medical has subsidiaries in Germany and the USA. Thommen Medical is represented by distributors in other markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Executive board

From left to right:

Mikko Heikkilä (Chief Sales Officer International)
Sandro Fabbri (Chief Development and Technology Officer),
Jasmin Waser PhD (Chief Research and Technology Officer)
Martin Beck (Chief Financial Officer)
Marcel Estermann (Chief Logistics and Production Officer)
Livio Marzo (CEO)
Pascal Eberhard (Chief Marketing Officer)
Vincenzo Grande (Chief Strategic Planning & Business Development Officer)

Board of Directors

Erwin Locher (President)
Livio Marzo (Vice President)
Nicole Brunschweiler
Jan Metzdorff

Livio Marzo (CEO)

At Thommen Medical, our vision is to be the preferred pure dental implant partner that makes the difference for our customers and their patients worldwide with relentless focus. We strive to provide the best implant system and improve patients' quality of life. Together as a team, we pride ourselves on achieving excellence in dental implantology.

Martin Beck (Chief Financial Officer)

My responsibility is to ensure the financial stability and sustainable growth of our company. In this way, we are able to offer our customers our products at competitive prices. Targeted investments enable us to accelerate our processes without compromising our valued corporate culture.  The development of our personnel is a matter of great concern to me. It fills me with pride to be part of a team that drives our vision forward.

Pascal Eberhard (Chief Marketing Officer)

Our main focus is to meet the high demands of our customers and their patients in terms of safety, ease of use and aesthetics. By continuously expanding our global presence, supported by targeted marketing activities, we want to ensure that every patient has access to our system. We are Thommen!

Marcel Estermann (Chief Logistics and Production Officer)

Thanks to precision manufacturing and the latest technology, we at Thommen Medical guarantee the highest Swiss quality in every single product. Your trust obligates and motivates us with dedication and perseverance to exceed your high expectations - everywhere and at all times.

Sandro Fabbri (Chief Development and Technology Officer)

By harmoniously combining clinically established components and innovative new developments, I am committed to continuously advance our dental implant system. The research-based development approach aims to provide clinical experts with safe and easy-to-use treatment solutions. My personal passion is to ensure stability and well-being for patients – for life.

Vincenzo Grande (Chief Strategic Planning & Business Development Officer)

We are shaping the future of Thommen Medical through long-term planning and innovative business models that are in line with our values. Together with our dedicated team, we strive for growth and success as we realize our vision as the preferred dental implant partner worldwide. Our work contributes to improving patient care.

Mikko Heikkilä (Chief Sales Officer International)

At Thommen Medical, we focus on providing first-class dental implants to our customers worldwide. We put great emphasis on customer proximity and strive for long-term partnerships. Through our personal support and customized solutions, we meet our customers' needs and offer them added value.

Jasmin Waser PhD (Chief Research and Technology Officer)

Science and research are particularly important to me. Always focusing on the patient, we strive to support dentists with sustainable treatment solutions. To achieve this, we work with the world's leading experts and research institutions. Our goal is clear: the best dental implant system in terms of safety and simplicity for both the patient and the practitioner.

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