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Successful Peri-Implantitis Treatment

Which outcomes can you achieve when treating peri-implantitis? See yourself with a clinical case from Dr. Sebastien Monlezun, where he successfully treated peri-implantitis around three implants.

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Support the Rehabilitation of a Dentigerous Cyst With Dental Implants

See how Dr. Misir and his colleagues used implants from Thommen Medical to achieve satisfactory bone formation.

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The All-On-Four Concept With Thommen Medical

How to treat a patient who presents with impaired chewing function due to partial edentulism in both jaws? See how Dr. Jevgenij Travkin treated his patient by applying the all-on-four concept with SPI®ELEMENT implants and SPI®VARIOmulti abutments.

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Guided Implant Surgery With Subepithelial Tissue Grafting

See how Dr. Stijn Kretging treated a patient with the fully guided surgery solution from Thommen Medical. He combined it with a subepithelial tissue graft and immediate restoration.

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Peri-Implant Bone Augmentation With the SPAL Technique

See how Prof. Leonardo Trombelli uses the SPAL technique together with a bovine-derived bone block for a peri-implant bone augmentation procedure in a patient with an edentulous area in the left posterior mandible.

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SPI®CONTACT Implants in an Extremely Atrophic Mandible 

How do you best rehabilitate an extremely atrophic mandible? See how Dr. Fangmann chose a digital planning strategy in combination with SPI®CONTACT RC INICELL® implants to achieve optimal results in a borderline case of implantology.

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