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Strategies to Best Prepare Your Practice for Recovery
Dr. R. Levin

COVID-19 Pandemic - Strategies to Best Prepare Your Practice for Recovery.

Join us for a free webinar presented by the Levin Group:

April 1, 2020
ONLINE , Switzerland
Dr. R. Levin

This is an unprecedented time in our practices and our lives. The coronavirus crisis is affecting every specialty practice and general practice as well as most businesses. The question is not whether you will be affected, but what steps you will take now to prepare for recovery. Dr. Levin will present specific management and operational steps to take now, and outline systems to have in place to help your practice persevere. He will also present strategies of particular importance to the surgical practice, that focus on referring doctors and how to best support them. Specialty practices that put the correct key strategies in place early and understand how to support referring doctors will be the ones that recover faster and better.

This webinar will provide numerous practical recommendations that can be implemented today, so that as we move through and past the coronavirus crisis, practices will have an opportunity to restart, re-energize and get back on track.

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