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Benefits At a Glance

  • Exceptional service life with uniform precision.
  • Easy to clean, no maintenance necessary.
  • For use by all dentists.
  • Compatible with instruments made by other suppliers via MONO insertion device (short).

An example of another excellent characteristic of Thommen design which stands out can be mentioned in passing: its outstanding design. The MONO torque ratchet - as well as the APLIQUIQ® container - for chairside-conditioning - which were both awarded the reddot design award for the best product design out of several thousand competitors from 60 countries.

Conventional ratchets consist of several parts, have recesses and are thus generally hard to clean. The MONO torque ratchet from Thommen Medical is manufactured from a solid billet of high-strength titanium alloy. The torque ratchet can be used as a simple insertion/removal device, with control of the torque from 10 to 35 ncm possible. In combination with the MONO insertion device short, the MONO torque ratchet can also be used for competitor implant systems.

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