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Thommen benefits

Patient safety is the top priority for Thommen Medical.


Benefits at a glance

  • Patient safety is the top priority for Thommen Medical.
  • We offer high-quality solutions.
  • We work closely with our Advisory Board, which consists of renowned dental implant experts from around the world.
  • We offer products of the highest quality, which are manufactured in our Swiss production facility in Grenchen.


Patient safety is the top priority for Thommen Medical. In cooperation with leading international dentists and renowned academic institutions, we develop innovative products with the goal of achieving first-class clinical results.


Our quality products are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. We have strict control of our quality systems, subjecting our products to extensive tests and measures to ensure that we offer dentists, and you as our patient, products of a superior standard.


In order to ensure this, Thommen Medical products are put to the test. Over and over again. Sophisticated development and production processes as well as modern facilities for extensive tests and inspections result in products that are characterized by maximum safety and user-friendliness. Thommen Medical implants are highly reliable and have an excellent success rate.

Thommen Medical
About us

We develop high quality products to satisfy our customers' high standards for safety, esthetics and sophistication. In addition to  our Thommen Implant System, we also offer solutions for bone and tissue regeneration.


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