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EAED 2022 in Bordeaux

Be part of the Thommen EAED Workshop and ask your questions and discuss answers.

What to expect?

The Thommen EAED Workshop is not about a company, a single clinical concept, a single expert or a new product. The Thommen EAED Workshop is about you and the questions you deal with in your daily work. Ask these questions to highly renown experts and discuss answers, possible treatment paths and/or clinical relevance with them.
Submit your question to thommen_at_EAED@thommenmedical.com or during the 34th EAED Spring Open Meeting 2022 at the Thommen booth. Questions will be randomly selected and discussed during the Thommen EAED 2022 workshop.


When and Where?

Friday, 27. May 2022, 17.00: Meet in the "Palais de la Bourse", Bordeaux 

More Information

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