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The EVERGUARD® Connection – Did you know?

The EVERGUARD® Connection has a smaller screw head for better prosthetic design and stronger results.

The abutment screw of the EVERGUARD® Connection has a small screw head with a diameter of 1.6 mm respectively 1.9 mm compared with more typical diameters of 2.2 mm to 2.6 mm. The small screw head is possible because it does not need to withstand the higher clamping forces which other designs may require and it is protected from lateral loads by the stabilization ring. The small screw head allows abutments to be produced with a narrower screw channel and thicker walls. This in turn gives the dental technician more freedom for prosthetic design and fabrication for a strong and esthetic result. The reddot winning MONO Torque Ratchet from Thommen Medical is manufactured from a solid billet of high-strength titanium alloy which ensures precise control of torque applied and doesn’t need to be calibrated or taken apart for sterilization. The 4 Lobe Screw interface provides strength for insertion and easy engagement to carry the screw.

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