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How An Implant Treatment Coordinator Can Add Millions To Your Practice
Dr. R. Levin

In this webinar Dr. Levin will explain the role of an implant treatment coordinator, from the very first patient phone call, to every interaction with the implant patient from start to finish.

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3 marzo 2021
ONLINE , Svizzera
Dr. R. Levin

A webinar from Thommen Medical and Levin Group as part of the "Implant Practice Performance Program" Presented by Dr. Roger P. Levin An effective treatment coordinator is an essential element of every successful implant practice. Simply assigning a team member the job of presenting and closing implant cases is not enough. The practice must also provide the ITC comprehensive training in sales and communications as well as business systems and measurement tools if it expects to see a 90%+ implant case acceptance rate.

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