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How to avoid Complications in Oral Implantology - Myth and Facts about Designs, Type of Connections and Materials from the Clinician’s Point of View
Dr. K. Meyenberg, Dr. L. Bouma

8 maggio 2021
ONLINE , Stati Uniti d'America
Dr. K. Meyenberg, Dr. L. Bouma

Anterior and posterior implants imply many different challenges, which will be addressed in this presentation.
Most implants today are placed in the posterior region in favor to replace missing single or multiple teeth. In contrast to the anterior zone, the challenge to avoid aesthetic complications is reduced, however it is greater to avoid technical, functional and biological and complications in an area, where more critical anatomical structures need to be respected, and where the access both for the clinician and the patient may be limited, and where higher mechanical loads need to be expected.
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