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New Digital Treatment Strategies and Procedures with Dental Implants
Prof. M. Hürzeler

11 - 12 novembre 2021
Munich , Germania
Prof. M. Hürzeler

New digital treatment strategies and procedures with dental implants Implant therapy experienced a tremendous change over the last decade. 10 years ago, it became more and more obviously that dental implant can create a lot of problems. The development of mucositis and periimplantitis came more and more in our focus. The prevention of these diseases got under way. Today, we have a greater awareness of what we have to do to establish a stable clinical situation around dental implants.

Nonetheless, we have to pay close attention to the patients’ wishes and expectations during the implant therapy. Implant therapy is still a long lasting and painful therapy. But patients would rather go through a simple therapeutic concept than a complicated treatment. Therefore, we need to work specifically on these requirements and expectations of our patients. We need to develop a simplified concept of implant therapy for our patients. So that they will still get the functional and the esthetic outcome what they are already used to, but in addition the costs, the time of the treatment and the morbidity needs to be reduced.

Here, the digital world may help us to fulfill all these expectations. Digital planning of the implant position, digital impressions of dental
implants, and the help of the digital technology in the reconstruction of the suprastructure on the implants are facilities, which we already
routinely use today. In this course, the inclusion of the digital possibilities into our daily business will be discussed. Furthermore, the new technology together with other clinical changes, which will also be addressed during this class, will help us to satisfy the patient’s wishes of today’s implant therapy.

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