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3rd Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium

Prof. I. Urban, Dr. U. Grunder, Dr. O. Zuhr, Prof. G. Zucchelli

Budapest 21 - 22 ottobre 2022 ENGLISH
AID-Symposium «Am Puls der Zeit»

Dr. U. Grunder, Dr. D. Mahl, Dr. D. Schneider, Dr. J. Kirchhoff, Dr. C. Andreoni, Dr. Ch. Ramel, Dr. K. Meyenberg, Prof. C. Jaquiéry, Dr. K. Wolleb, Dr. T. Truninger, Dr. G. Benic, Dr. R. Minoretti, Dr. T. Meier, Dr. V. Gisler

Zürich 30 settembre 2021 DEUTSCH
Longterm Success with Implants #1 - The Influence of Stable Bone

Dr. C. Köttgen, Prof. F. Khoury, Dr. U. Grunder

ONLINE 9 marzo 2021 ENGLISH
Round Table Event

Dr. U. Grunder, Dr. Ch. Ramel

Zurich 7 maggio 2020 CANCELLED
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