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There are many providers of dental implants. But only one like Thommen Medical.

The development of the Thommen Medical Dental Implant System began for us by listening to dental professionals’ clinical needs and validating the solutions through science to provide proven patient outcomes. We continue to work closely with clinical and scientific experts to make sure the system benefits from technological and clinical advancements while not reacting to temporary marketing trends.

With Thommen Medical you have an implant expert which is a leader in research, innovation and manufacturing technology. We focus on a proven and guaranteed portfolio, are motivated by science and provide a boutique, personal experience. Thommen Medical is an independent, family owned business and not contracted to the lowest bidder.

Because we know: The satisfaction of your patient has the highest priority for you – and for us.

Our dental implant system

This unique and simple implant system ensures security in the early healing phase thanks to the first class superhydrophilic surface.

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«Easier for the dentist and the technician - superior value for the patients»

Dr. K. Meyenberg, Zurich

Important Information

Safety for you: We are the implant experts.

We focus on a proven and guaranteed portfolio, ensuring safety for your practice-quality and your patients.
We are passionate and have the best trained employees. We are a different kind of company and do not follow marketing trends, but we are motivated by science, thatʼs why customer proximity is important to us. As customer you will feel this positive spirit in our products and in your cooperation with Thommen Medical.

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We solve the problems of the clinician. Our focus is on your needs, not on ours. Our credo is: no compromise in quality – innovation and creativity are our sources of success. Only the best long-term results are acceptable. Everything we do is backed by science. This is why our superhydrophilic implant surface INICELL shows an improved performance in the early healing phase (Calvo, 2010), which gives you security from the start (Le Gac, Grunder 2015; Hicklin SP, Buser D 2015). This is also why our proven implant connection has exceptional properties and allows wonderful aesthetic results since more than 30 years. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of life of your patients in a functional and aesthetic way.

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Every patient should have access to the best implants. Thatʼs why we want the best dentists and dental technicians to use our implants with conviction. We are always at your side with  Service & Support to make your life easier. To be close to the leading experts and pulse of time, we work closely with an advisory board of renowned dental clinicians from around the world such as Ueli Grunder, Markus Hürzeler, Otto Zuhr, Kony Meyenberg, David Nisand, Mauro Merli and many others. Our products are tailored to their treatment concepts, because we strive for perfection and we also like our quality in all areas to be monitored from the outside.

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Whatever we do, perfection is our guiding principle. At Thommen Medical, we develop, produce and market our products in our own facility in Switzerland – from concept to final production. Because if we keep all production including a 100% quality inspection in our own hands, we keep quality close to our heart. With the simple result: Pure Swiss craftsmanship and quality.

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IDD - International Digital Days

Paris, France 2020
23-25 January 2020
Palais des congrès - Porte Maillot

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Success Story intern Tue. 14. January 2020

Interview with the Thommen Medical Country Manager, Vincenzo Grande: We are the implant experts

A very interesting interview with Vincenzo Grande in the ZZS Zahn-Zeitung Switzerland
Read more: https://www.thom…

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Success Story intern Fri. 10. January 2020

Thommen is now integrated in the Planning Software exoplan from exocad!

We are very excited to announce the integration of the Thommen Medical Implants PF 3.0 – PF 6.0 as well as the Fully Guided Surgery kit and the…

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Study Publication Mon. 6. January 2020

Part Seven: Clinical Case of Dr. Ueli Grunder

Today we would like to present you part 7 of a step-by-step clinical case of an immediate implant placement:

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Study Publication Fri. 3. January 2020

Part Six: Clinical Case of Dr. Ueli Grunder

Today we would like to present you part 6 of a step-by-step clinical case of an immediate implant placement:

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Success Story intern Wed. 18. December 2019

Thommen scan abutments are now available in the software for iTero intraoral scanners from Align Technology

We are very excited to announce the integration of the Thommen Medical scan abutments into the software for iTero scanners.
The Thommen Medical scan…

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