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The Thommen Medical Dental Implant System is simple to use and provides superior clinical results with outstanding esthetics. Thommen Medical is proud that leading dentists choose the Thommen Implant System because only the best dental implant system is good enough for their patients.

After more than 35 years of clinical experience, Thommen Medical continues to research and develop in close collaboration with leading international dentists, dental technicians and renowned academic institutions with the goal of ensuring that every patient has access to the best tooth replacement solution available.

Thommen Medical manufactures the products at its own plant in Grenchen, Switzerland. Thommen Medical has subsidiaries in Germany and the USA. Thommen Medical is represented by distributors in other markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Protection Solution

One comprehensive implant system, based on a unique, proven design, optimized over three decades of clinical success with the MULTIGUARD Protection Solution. 

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"Easier for the dentist and the technician - superior value for the patients"

Dr. K. Meyenberg, Zurich, CH

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Focus on safety and reliability.

We focus on a portfolio of proven solutions that guarantee safety and reliability for you and your patients. Motivated by science, not trends, we focus on customer needs and are inspired by research and innovation. Working with Thommen Medical is remarkably different and because we are small and sophisticated, we can offer our customers personalized service.

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Every patient must have access to the best available solution. In order to be close to the best experts and the pulse of the times, we work closely with our Advisory Board, which is made up of renowned dental implant experts from around the world. Among them are Ueli Grunder, Markus Hürzeler, Otto Zuhr, Kony Meyenberg, David Nisand and Mauro Merli - our products are tailored to their treatment concepts.

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Perfection is our guiding principle in everything we do. At Thommen Medical, we develop and manufacture all our products in our own factory in Grenchen, Switzerland. By keeping all production and manufacturing processes in-house, we can ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

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