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A modern treatment option for edentulous patients is to use implant-borne removable prosthetics.

Thanks to the innovative carbon-based ADLC coating, an extremely smooth surface is created which is extraordinarily resistant to wear and long-lasting. The combination of ADLC and PEEK demonstrates significantly lower losses of retention in comparison with other combinations. The highest requirements for wear resistance and long-term reliability of a hybrid denture are thus fulfilled.

The Novaloc® abutments developed for Thommen Medical implants and the easy-to-use tools also facilitate prosthodontic and dental applications.

A multiplicity of clinical implant situations can be resolved using the Novaloc® Retentive System with its comprehensive selection of abutments.

Instructions for use - Novaloc® 

The Tools

  • Altus Gingiva Height Measuring Tool
  • Novaloc® Mounting and Removal Tool

The Components

  • Proven implant connection geometry
  • MONO screwdriver

The surface

  • ADLC (diamond-like)
  • Wear resistant
  • Long-lasting

The Matrices

  • High performance retention inserts
  • Matrix housing made of PEEK or titanium

The possible applications

  • Divergence compensation up to 70°
  • 15° angled abutments
  • Different gingival heights

The Portfolio

  • Different materials
  • Various retention strengths
  • Well-thought-out range of tools

Benefits at a Glance

  • Simple application.
  • Innovative materials.
  • Improved wear resistance thanks to innovative materials.
  • Increased patient comfort.

The RETAIN product range offers ideal solutions for the edentulous jaw, offering options for retentive anchors, bar constructions and milling abutments.

Instructions for use - RETAIN - THM61128

Benefits at a Glance

  • Retentive anchor abutments are available in two heights.
  • Bar abutments available in a choice of gold or titanium copings.
  • Milling abutments for fabricating custom abutments and telescopic crowns.

Restorations, with the LOCATOR® attachment (abutment plus titanium cap) provide a cost-effective attachment of partial and/or total prostheses on two or more implants. The retention strengths are individually adjustable with the male replacements in the locator and can also be used to compensate axial divergences. The low structural height also makes a restoration possible in restricted interocclusal conditions.

Instructions for use - LOCATOR® - THM61126

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cost-efficient restoration in fully edentulous or partially edentulous situations.
  • Adjustable retention strength and patient-friendly prosthetic centering system.
  • Divergence up to 40° between two implants.
  • Lowest vertical height.
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